Service Coverage Areas

We provide several different internet and phone options depending on your location. The easiest way to find out which services are available in your location is to call us at 613.473.2839.

Cable Coverage

Our cable service covers most of the Town of Madoc.

The Cable TV, high speed cable Internet and phone options are only available in our cable service areas.

Rural Internet Coverage

Many areas surrounding Madoc are covered by our Rural Internet service.

This service is a wireless, or point-to-point line-of-sight service operated from our tower at 350 St. Lawrence Street East in Madoc.

This means that if you can see the tower from your location, we can provide you with Internet service. Even if you can’t see our tower from the ground, we may be able to provide service. All we need is an unobstructed line-of-site between our tower and an antenna at your location.

Rural Phone Coverage

We can provide rural phone service to any location that has our Rural Internet coverage, or who has a high speed internet with 1.5 Mbps download and 256kbps upload speeds or better.

Dial-Up Internet

We can provide dial-up internet to any location that has a regular phone service.